#TeaserTuesday – Dream Chasers

After hugging me and DJ, Sunny sat down and crossed her legs. She gave me an amused smile.
“Dreamz, what have you done?”
“Man, it’s not what you think,” I answered, assuming that she had watched the finale inside of Aubrey’s dressing room.
“I was checking out your girl too. She’s wearing that hell out of that Cavalli dress. I know that dress well, and no reality star can afford that. Did you buy that for her?”
I shrugged. “Maybe. If I did, she doesn’t need to know.”
“That girl has you all twisted up.” Sunny giggled. “You spent forty stacks on a dress? I’ve never seen you like this.”
“What do you want, Sunny? I know you didn’t come in here just to tease me.”
She grinned widely. “Actually, that’s the only reason I’m still hanging around. And maybe to give you some much needed advice.”
DJ burst out laughing. “How can you give him relationship advice? You act like we don’t know your track record. We grew up with you, Sunny. We know we can’t trust your relationship advice.”
Sunny smiled because she knew he was right. We all went to junior high and high school together. We weren’t the best of friends, but that doesn’t change the fact that every aspect of her current and past relationships was tabloid fodder.
“You tried it, DJ! You were at my wedding! Obviously, I’m doing something right because I’m not divorced. I’m not giving your cousin relationship advice because he doesn’t have a relationship to advise on. I’m giving him female advice. And I’m not talking to you; I’m talking to your cousin.” She turned towards me. “Dreamz, I think you’re about to do something really dumb, and you better tread carefully. You hurt that girl to her core on national TV. Millions of people saw her embarrassed by you. Her forgiveness isn’t going to come easily so don’t expect it just because you still like her. Your feelings don’t even matter. From what I’ve seen on the show, she’s more likely to say fuck you and your feelings than forgive you so you better be prepared for it, friend. She’s a tough cookie. I like her though. And next time you want to dress up one of your girls, call me. That is what I do for a living.”
Sunny’s harsh words hit me hard. Seeing Chase at her school and our brief conversation solidified my feelings for her, but we hadn’t had a conversation about what happened. Sunny could be right, and I was overestimating Chase’s feelings for me. Damn. I didn’t know what I’d do if Chase rejected me in front of a live audience.


Married At First Sight…what a concept!

In the midst of one of my self-imposed writer’s block episodes, I was tuned in to the Bio channel for a Kitchen Nightmares marathon. I absolutely adore Gordon Ramsay! Anywho, I found out that Bio was turning to FYI and they were coming out with a new reality show called Married at First Sight. Immediately, I was intrigued.

I mean, who does that? Tuesday, I settled down on the sofa to watch this social experiment – slash- reality show and now I’m even more on board!

The premise is this…6 people who have been having a hard time finding love (seriously, who hasn’t?) take part in this social experiment where 3 experts find their scientific match through a bunch of tests and interviews. Then, if a match is found, the participants agree to get legally wed without meeting beforehand. They meet for the first time at the altar. After their very real wedding, they have to live together as a married couple for 30 days to see if the experiment worked. If the experiment fails, they have to legitimately get divorced.

I’d totally be down to try something like that. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I can’t see a legit reason why this is a bad idea. Dating sucks. We all know that. Dating is fun in your twenties, but once you get in your thirties, it gets harder and harder. Why not allow a team of experts do the work for you. If they’re wrong, you’ve wasted a month. If they’re right, you fall in love and have a partner to share the rest of your life with. Seriously, no harm, no foul.

I know people who might as well have gotten married the moment they met each other because their connection was so strong. On the other hand, I know people who have been married for ten years to the wrong person. Relationships are tricky. If you find someone (or someone else finds that person for you) that you have things in common with, makes you smile, makes you laugh until you cry, and genuinely cares about you, why not?

I’d sign up for this social experiment in a heartbeat. What about you?

Excerpt: Love Notes (Friends, Lovers, or Nothing:novella)

If you read UNSUNG, you know how it ended. If you haven’t read UNSUNG, you’re going to want to read that before continuing here. Love Notes picks up exactly where UNSUNG ended. It’s a short story designed to give a little insight into what’s going to happen in the 3rd novel.

lovenotes_new_test copy

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What the Heart Takes -Cover Reveal and Contest –

Writing a book is hard enough. Writing a perfect series like the Soulmates series is damn near impossible. Only a small few can do it as well as Kelli McCracken.Author Kelli McCracken

I am so excited to help my fellow “Sistah with a Pen” with the release of her 3rd book!

If you haven’t read What the Heart Wants (book 1 of the Soulmate Series) and What the Heart Needs (book 2), go to Amazon now and get your OneClick finger ready. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

For those who have read it, Kelli has been gracious enough to give us an excerpt, which I prefer to call a teaser because that’s all it is….and we’re the first to see the new cover. Let me tell you… I jumped up from my desk when I saw it. I’m a little excited. 🙂

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