Enter the world that Jackie Chanel created; a world of strong and sassy women and the men who love them. From coast to coast, love, passion, and music collide as the stories unfold of women you want to be and men you want to be with. Fall in love in this world where friends become lovers, fantasies become reality, and no one gets a pass from the drama. No matter your reading pleasure, you'll be captivated by a Jackie Chanel book. #getyousome



On a good day, Jackie Chanel is a writer, editor, and music fanatic. Most days, she's just a pop culture enthusiast, coffee in the morning/wine in the evening drinker, and reality TV junkie.

"Writing books isn't what I decided to do; it's what I was born to do. At any given time, I have about fifteen characters in my head and they all speak at once."

Jackie Chanel has written thirteen novels ranging from Urban Fiction to Contemporary Romance. When she's not writing in her batcave, she can usually be found in her favorite reading spot reading one of the 700 books on her TBR list or watching reality TV with a bowl of Fruit Loops.


Aiden and Sunny are finally together - with a couple unexpeccted twists! Both are excited with the new turn  their path has taken. However, the issues of their pasts still haunt them daily. As much as she loves him, Sunny doesn't completely trust her man and for good reason. Aiden may be ready to walk down the aisle but he definitely isn't ready to walk away from the bright spotlight. Will Aiden and Sunny make it down the aisle? Or will the pressure of a Hollywood marriage destroy their love for good?


A Hustler's Promise: THE COMPLETE SERIES

#1 Urban Series - a MUST HAVE for any fan

Rayshawn and Jaicyn never make a promise that they can't keep.
High school sweethearts turned adult partners-in-crime, their need to survive for each other as well as with each other is the fuel keeps them hustling. The pair learns the hard way that money and power will always breed jealousy and envy.
As they battle threats on their lives, they know the dangerous game they're playing is bound to catch up with them. The price they have to pay for the decisions they made is steep.
Loyalty is tested, friendships lost, and the strength of Jaicyn and Rayshawn's relationship is questioned. When the smoke clears, who will be left standing?
ALSO INCLUDES A Hustler's Promise: The Takeover, a novella  to complete the story.
In The Takeover,
It's all about the Benjamins. Sent to Atlanta to expand King's empire, Jaicyn and Rayshawn have another plan, to reign as King and Queen in the capital of the south. With a multi-million dollar goal and the best product on the market, their mission is a total takeover of the Atlanta drug trade. Nothing or no one will get in their way.