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tumblr_lrq3h9DsO71qe8lnho1_500Excerpt from the next new release from Pink Neon Publications….

Erotic Nights: tales of the newly single

This is a collection of erotic shorts written by me and my little sister Summer Jai. This is our first publishing venture together and I’m sure it will not be our last.

From April Nights

Apryl looked downright ravishing in her black suit and red blouse. Justin stood up and pulled out a chair. He wanted to appear to be a gentleman, but everything about the woman made him want to lift up her sharp black skirt and taste her.
“You never responded to my text,” he said. “So I decided to bring lunch to you since you refuse to go out with me. And,” he added, “your assistant really thinks that you need someone to do nice things for you. She told me what you liked from the deli across the street. Greek salad, right?”
Apryl sighed. “Victoria is a nice girl. And I didn’t respond because I didn’t know what to say. I don’t usually go around kissing men I don’t know.”
“You liked it,” Justin said softly in her ear.
Apryl stiffened for a second, then tried to move away from him. She shrugged off her suit jacket and leaned across the conference room table to reach for the bag of food that Justin had brought. Eating would probably cut the sexual tension in the room.
Justin slid behind her and placed his hands on her curvy hips. Apryl jerked to attention and spun around.
“What are you doing?”
He pushed her dark hair behind her ear and leaned forward.
“You liked it,” he whispered and ran his index finger gently across her lips. “Admit it.”
“Justin…” her voice trailed off. She didn’t want to admit to this stranger how much she liked his kiss or how horny his very presence was making her.
Justin wrapped his hand around the nape of Apryl’s neck and pulled her face towards his. Before she could protest, Justin urgently crushed his lips against hers. Apryl’s knees almost buckled like they almost had Saturday night in the parking lot. He moved his hands to the small of her back and pressed against her. She parted her mouth and let his tongue sweep across hers.
Oh my God, was the only thought in her mind as her hands involuntarily tangled themselves in Justin’s dark locks.
Apryl hadn’t been kissed with the kind of passion that Justin was giving her in years. Suddenly, her control top pantyhose felt like they were crushing the life out of her. She wanted to rip them off, but that would mean breaking the connection she had with Justin’s lips.
The thin cotton of his khaki pants did nothing to hide the firmness of his growing erection as it pressed against her leg when Justin melded his body to hers. He wanted her to feel what she was doing to him.
Justin slid his lips down to her neck and sucked. Apryl released a low lustful groan that sent chills up his spine. He loved the fact that he made her make that sound and wondered what other sounds she would make for him before the day was over.

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