Getting My 2014 Reading List Ready

A few days I ago, I put out a tweet that A) I didn’t think anyone actually saw or read, and B) didn’t actually think the few people who did see it would actually hold me accountable for it.

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I was wrong…so very very wrong.

But I admit, I one-click free books damn near obsessively. Plus I get ARCs and eARCs from my author friends. I pay for a lot of books too. The 800 books in the “Manage My Kindle” section definitely were not all free. That being said, I know why authors give their books away and most of the time, their generosity is not appreciated. Authors live and die by their reviews so I’m going to step up, wave my INDIE flag proudly and help out the authors who so generously let me read their book for free.

Now, since I’ve committed to reading and reviewing the free books I download, pretty much on a daily basis, I’m gonna have to step my reading game up. I think you should commit with me with.

Can you commit to reading and reviewing one free book a week? Let’s try it together!

Here are my January books:

Week 1 – The Undertaker by William F Brown

Week 2 – The Geronimo Breach by Russell Blake

Week 3 – The Book Waitress (Book 1, The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel (and I love her! I don’t know why this book hasn’t been read and reviewed yet!)

Week 4 – An Angel’s Justice by Danica Winters – this book is only 26 pages so I’ll add another this week

Unsuitable Men by Nia Forrester

Add your 4 books in the comments below. At the end of the month, I’ll treat everyone who finishes AND leaves a review for their book to a special gift. Maybe I’ll set up a skype or google hangout and we can chat.

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