2014 Preview and 2013 Recap

COMINGSOONThe new year is rolling through and I am utterly grateful that 2013 is coming to a close. I am excited as ever about the possibilities that a new year brings. Exciting stuff in the works for this girl here! I’ve set some writing goals and I’m going to push myself to complete and publish at least four new titles this year. Normally, I wouldn’t commit to doing such a thing, but I really want to complete the Love and War series in order to start working on the next Bonatelli Family novel. Also, the A Hustler’s Promise series is coming to a close with the release of the third and final book, A Hustler’s Promise 3: Broken Promises.

I’ve been writing romance and urban fiction/urban romance since I started writing and after seven full length novels, it’s time to spread my wings and try my hand at new genres. I’ve been wanting to get into new adult fiction/paranormal and a new series is in the developmental stage. I’m turning a screenplay I wrote into a full length novel tentatively titled Blood is Thicker. It’s a dive into the literary fiction world…a novel that focuses on the cause and effect of domestic violence. Finally, I’ve been working on my first non-fiction foray. It’s going to be a collection of essays that examine colorism and racism in the black community. I have a title and a synopsis but it’s not something I’m willing to share until the project is complete. What can I say, I’m paranoid like that.

So, those are the four novels that I plan on releasing this year. If time allows, maybe I’ll add another book to the Aiden and Sunny saga. Who knows.

On another note, I’m also taking on a more active publishing role. I’ve partnered with one of the hottest urban fiction authors in the business to start Black Starr Productions. We will specialize in urban fiction, urban romance, and African-American fiction. Check us out on Facebook. If you’re an author of one of these genres, take a look at our submission guidelines.


I’ve also embarked on a publishing journey with my two sisters. Pink Neon Publications is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We’re going to specialize in contemporary adult fiction, romance, erotica, and romantic thrillers. I come from a family of writers and this is the first time that starting a family business actually seems like a good idea. My little sister and I are collaborating on a project. Look out for Summer Jai. She is an extraordinary talent and her imagination is over the top like mine.I’m excited to publish her first book.

That’s my year. What do you have lined up for 2014?

2013 Recap

On January 1, 2013, I quit my job as a Customer Service Manager for a small weight loss company in order to pursue my writing career. Needless to say, it’s been a very difficult year. Finding my footing and knowing that I didn’t have the cushion of a nine to five has been stressful. I took a leap of faith and for a while, I felt like I was just dropping. Now I feel like I’m soaring. I keep reading all these blog posts and articles saying that Indie authors can’t reasonably make enough money to survive and not to quit your day job. Sure, I’m not making millions but I’m doing pretty well.

As for writing, I released 3 books in 2013:

UNSUNG, the second novel in the Aiden and Sunny Saga. Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback. We’re waiting out the KDP select program to see if it makes good business sense to move to other retail channels.


Sunny Rain is not the girl next door. Fiery passion fuels her determination to stay relevant in the world of fashion design while becoming the next great American fashion designer. But she lives in the shadow of her best friend, musician and superstar Aiden Tyler.

As much as she wants to be recognized for her own talent, it is her relationship with Aiden that has given Sunny the life that she has, including her beautiful daughter.
As she keeps rebuilding the wall around her heart that only Aiden manages to tear down, time after time, she wanders if she’ll ever be able to let go of her unspoken love for him…or if she even wants to.

I also signed a 3-book deal with SBR Publications and released Love and War, and Love and War 2, the beginning of the Bonatelli family books. These are also available on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps.


If you’re not caught up on my work, feel free to visit me on Amazon.

Here’s to a wonderful new year! Cheers!

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