Love and War 3 – Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Awwww, sadly, the Love and War series has come to an end.

In the first installment of this series, I introduced you to Caprice Bonatelli, a spicy half-Italian, half African-American 22 year old who had just met her father for the first time. Domani Bonatelli was the acting head of the Bonatelli crime family. His son, Nico, was his top ranking solider. Together, they taught Capricce the ins and outs of being in a mob family. And she took to it like a fish in water.

Fast forward to the second installment…Caprice has graduated from college and has been given a job; to build her father’s dream casino in Atlantic City while he hides from the IRS, living in the lap of luxury abroad. It’s a hard job, but Caprice knows she is the best that can do it. In fact, the little bit of power her father has given her appeals to all her senses and she must have more. With the help of her brother and great-grandfather, Caprice begins her ascent to the top spot of the Bonatelli family while her father is away, which offends more people than it doesn’t.

Now, here’s book 3, the final book in the introduction of the Bonatelli family.

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And now, the big reveal!

Drum roll please….

THE COVER, designed by Brittani Williams for TSP Creative, INC.

Love and War 3

No one expected the daughter of Don Bonatelli to be a problem…until she proved to everyone that not only is she a problem, but Caprice Bonatelli is a Boss. When it comes to her family, her wrath knows no bounds.

As she scratches and claws her way to the top, she feels like a woman on a mission. She’s proven that she’s about the life she leads. From murder to extortion, Caprice has done it all. The only question remains, is she ready to have it all?


Caprice sat in Nico’s car on the dark, empty street in front of Tribiani’s law office. Michael Abriggio, Salvatore Zamboni, and Anthony Capella had entered the building twenty minutes ago. They hadn’t spotted her, but she watched their every move. She hadn’t expected them to show up after midnight. After making the call to Tribiani, she figured she’d have to wait until morning for a meeting. However, there they were…the biggest group of shot callers in New York City, and they were meeting with her two o’clock in the morning.
Caprice was only waiting in the dark cold because she had nowhere else to go. Word would spread quickly through the ranks of the Lucchetti and Bonatelli family that Luca and Paolo were missing. She was sure that people would be looking for her. New York City wasn’t safe for her until she spoke with “The Horsemen” and got a handle on things.
And she would get a handle on it.
A tap on the driver’s side window startled Caprice. She could barely see out of the tinted windows of Nico’s Tahoe. She reached into the center console for her .45 and cocked it. The tapping began again. She lowered the automatic window and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just her cousin, Mateo.
Mateo handed her the two gold and diamond rings that bore the Lucchetti and Bonatelli family crests. Caprice stared at them with a satisfied smile.
“Thank you,” she said. “Now, please go to the hospital and sit with Nico. I may need you to go to Atlantic City and check in with the investors too. I’ll let you know.”
“No problem,” Mateo answered.
Caprice knew that he didn’t mind helping Caprice out. Working for her was always interesting and very lucrative. Even though they were cousins, the hit on Paolo and Luca had cost her half a million dollars.
And worth every penny.
When she saw the taillights of the twins’ car pass her, Caprice stepped out of the Tahoe and straightened her coat, making sure that the leather jacket complete covered the holster at her waist. It was showtime. Female or not, young or not, she was finally going to get the attention from “The Horsemen” that she deserved. She tucked the rings in her pocket and the gun in her holster.
All she wanted was payback for what happened to her brother and Diesel. A little recognition and acknowledgement that she was capable of running the family wouldn’t hurt either. But mainly, they had to recognize that her vendetta was about Diesel, Nico, and Paolo’s plot on Domani’s life.
As she walked towards the law office, her heart jumped in her chest. Nico was still unconscious. His doctors still weren’t sure if he was going to survive. Maria and his mother sat diligently by his side saying countless Hail Marys and Our Fathers. She should have been there with them. She wanted to be there with them, but with Domani tucked away in the Greek Isles, the only person left to exact any kind of vengeance was her.
Then there was Diesel.
The love of her life, the man she would risk everything for…he was alive and healing, except for one thing.
He had no idea who she was.
His doctors were calling it retrograde amnesia. He remembered certain parts of his past up until the moment the chunk of wall hit him and destroyed most of his memories. He remembered his family. He remembered college, and even Aries. He didn’t remember how he and Aries became friends or any of the dirt they did together. He certainly didn’t remember that he’d played a part in Aries’ death.
He didn’t remember anything about Caprice, and that infuriated her more than any hit on her life. She was head over heels in love with a man who didn’t recognize her when she walked into the room.
The men responsible for that had paid dearly.
If she had a choice, they all would be dead. If “The Horsemen” didn’t comply with what she wanted, they would pay. She had two Italian assassins that shared her bloodline on her payroll and she was not afraid to use them.
Caprice tapped on the office door and waited until Tribiani’s security opened the door. The two beefy guards recognized Caprice from earlier and let her in. When the other tried to frisk her, she slapped his hands away.
“Don’t touch me.”
“You know the rules,” the swarmy, doped up on ‘roids one stated.
“I don’t give a fuck about your rules,” Caprice hissed as she pushed past them.
She continued down the dimly lit hallway until she reached the boardroom she’d left only hours ago. This time, the conversation would be very different.
Caprice pushed the door marked PRIVATE open and walked into the room like she walked into meeting rooms all the time, with her head held high. With her hands in the pocket of her coat, she fingered the two rings…her insurance policy.
Michael, Anthony, and Salvatore stared at her as she took the Bonatelli seat at the round table. Anthony caught her eye and winked. Anthony was handsome and twenty years older than her. His good looks and devilish charm didn’t matter. She’d requested the meeting for a reason. Flirting with a mob boss wasn’t on the agenda.
Caprice dug into her pocket and tossed the blood stained rings on to the middle of the table. A collective gasp of shock broke the still silence as the four bosses recognized the deaths of two of their own.
“Gentlemen,” Caprice said coolly. “Do I have your attention now? I’m not negotiating any deals. I’m not giving you any money. Call off the hit on me and my brother and whatever else you had planned against my family. I’m not going to ask twice.”
Caprice folded her arms across her chest and waited for an answer. Someone had to speak up. They had to see that she wasn’t fooling around. Besides, Caprice knew that the probability of her being the only one in the room with a loaded weapon was high. If they didn’t concede, she would pick them off one-by-one. She was confident that she could get off three shots before the bodyguards came bursting through the door.
“What the hell have you done?”
The familiar deep voice came from behind her. Caprice spun around in her chair. Surprise, shock, and fear crossed her face as she met the cold dark eyes of her father.
“Answer me!” Domani growled.
But Caprice couldn’t. Words were foreign to her. She didn’t know what to say to her father. She expected him to be in a Greece for a few more months. She’d prepared to tell him much later…over the phone. Perhaps in a voicemail or text message. Never face-to-face an hour after she’d had his consigliere and a New York mob boss killed. By the time she saw him again, Paolo and Luca would have been water under the bridge.
“It looks like you have something to discuss with your daughter, Domani,” Anthony smirked. “We’ll leave you two alone for a bit.”
Anthony and Salvatore walked out of the room first. Michael supportively patted Domani’s shoulder as she passed him. Caprice thought she heard him say something about daughters in Italian, but her heart was pounding too loudly to make out what he said. Domani shut the door and sat down across from his daughter. He took his stiff purple pocket square and used it to pick up Paolo’s ring. After wiping the blood off, Domani slipped the ring into his pocket.
“Start talking,” he demanded. “Now.”


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  1. My fave part of Love and War was when Caprice went to that meeting with all those mob bosses for the hotel and had them all thinking like who the fuck is this lol. And handled them all like a boss.

  2. Can you please tell me what title is next after love nd war 3 is done. That series has ended but wats next for Caprice? Pleaseeeeeee tell me something.

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