Should I have a Street Team?

* in my Fresh Prince voice* Well, maybe I shouldn’t. Yeahhhh, of course I should.

I’ve been playing around with idea of a street team for months. It always seemed like so much work that I just didn’t have time for. However, after reading and talking to authors, I decided to give it a go and spent all weekend deciding what I wanted my street team to do and how I’d like it to function.

Why The Glitterazi?

I guess, “because I thought it was cute” isn’t an acceptable answer here. Honestly, I’m terrible at coming up with names for things, including book titles. My child will probably be named after a character in my books simply because I already spent time thinking of character names. It’s already done. When I started thinking about what I wanted to call my street team, I started with Chanel’s Angels (I was watching a documentary on Hell’s Angels…it sounded good at the time) but a little birdie reminded me that my name is Jackie Chanel and dropping the Jackie probably wouldn’t work so well.

*deep sigh* back to the drawing board

Then I started thinking about the themes and characters in my books. Sure, I’m a romance author. That’s what I primarily write so there were the usual romantic, love, drama. I was going to do a FB poll on street names because my unoringinal ideas were boring…they were boring to me so I knew they wouldn’t fly with my readers.

Then it just hit me. Paparazzi. There’s paparazzi issues in 6 of my books (more than half). Excited now, I started thinking of things I liked…wine, chocolate, the color pink, Jose Cuevero, music, books, sparkly things, diamonds…then “the artist” yelled, “why is there glitter on the bathroom floor?” (Don’t expect an explanation)


What’s a street team?

I’m thinking “the hell if I know” probably wouldn’t be a good answer here either.

If you’re thinking it’s a group of people passing out flyers and sticking shit to your car windows, you’re 100%. An author street team differs a little because it gives us a chance to connect with our DIE HARD readers and have more people spreading the love of our books instead of only ourselves. Some people will say that a street team is a marketing tool, but I really don’t like to think of people as tools. More like a Gang, lol, only the Jets and Sharks, not Crips and Bloods.

J/K…we’re not a gang.

So yeah, I’m going to give this a shot! If interested in becoming a part of my Glitterazzi, click the link and read all about it!


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  1. I think I missed the link. I’m on my mobile and may not be able to see everything. Can you direct me to it?!

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