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isupportbykm-002Normally, these write tip posts are designed to help authors improve their writing based on my own experiences and knowledge. Someone gave me those tips and I’m just spreading the love.

Not today.

In regards to my own writing, this has been a hard month for me. From the minute you tell someone that you want to write a book, “Grow thicker skin” is repeated so much that it quickly becomes the indie author’s mantra. Let’s face it, indie authors open ourselves up for all types of criticism because we’re more accessible to our readers. Therefore, it is important to have thick skin.

But to some, writing a negative review isn’t enough. They take it as their personal mission to kick an author they don’t like in every way possible. It’s been happening to me all month and I’m seeing it happen to more and more of my author pals on a more frequent basis.

That’s why today’s tip has nothing to do with your book.

Whether it’s fiction, self-help, a memoir, or a comic book, writing is hard. It’s an emotional journey that anyone who sees it through deserves respect. It doesn’t matter if the book is an NYT Bestseller or a Dollar Store Bestseller.

CONGRATULATIONS AUTHOR! You wrote a book! That’s awesome! WELL DONE KIDDO!

Congrats-on-your-achievmentCongrats on completing each step to becoming a published author!

When you’re down…when your publisher (or former publisher) crosses you out, when your readers feel it’s their responsibility to tell you that you suck, take a deep breath and go to your happy place. Look for other authors for comfort and to vent to. We’ve all been there, and while it doesn’t get easier to deal with, you have a support system.

No matter what that review said, no matter what that email or private message on FB said, you’re awesome because you’re doing something that few get to do. Live your dream.

Write the story that is in your heart and head. Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from doing the thing you set out to accomplish. Be excellent, be awesome, be great. What other people think doesn’t matter.

Author bullying is a real thing…sad but true. And sometimes ignoring the bullshit is easier said than done. It is during those times when you focus on the story in your heart and why you picked up a pen and pad in the first place.

If it was for a royalty check, you might have an easier time stepping away from the industry for awhile. But if you’re an author like me, you write because it’s one of the few things you’re passionate about. You’re writing because, like air, you can’t live without it.

You don’t have to write on demand. You’re not a microwave writer. Take the time you need to tell the story the way you want to tell it and the hell with everyone else.

They’re your words on paper. It’s your heart on that page. Your friends, readers, and those who care about you will support you and put a protective shield around your heart if you allow us to.


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