I’ve been Hoovered!!!

I’ve been Hoovered.

I didn’t see it coming at all.

Before I continue, let me issues this disclaimer…

Aside from Harry Potter and the Twilight books, I’m really not the type of adult that reads young adult or new adult books. I lurk around the genre and know the major players but I’m not searching for YA/NA when I’m buying books.

This is why I’m not exactly sure how I got Hoovered.

Colleen Hoover is a name that kept popping up in nearly every single on of my book recommendation emails. I saw some of her covers and thought they were gorgeous covers but not my cup of tea. One day, I’m trying to make room on my Kindle and I saw that I actually had Hopeless in my library. I don’t even know when I bought it.

Divas!!!!! Let me tell you…

I started reading Hopeless and by the 3rd chapter I’d bought every book Colleen Hoover has written. Halfway through Hopeless, I was following Colleen on all of her social media pages. I’m pretty sure I signed up for her newsletter. By the end of Hopeless, I declared myself a certified Colleen Hoover fangirl.

So, what makes Hopeless different from the rest of the YA/NA books that I passed up? Honestly, I don’t know if it is so much different because I haven’t read those books. I found an author that I adore and that’s what makes it different to me. And let me tell you, if there are (and I’m sure there is) other authors who write like this, please send me their names because I want to read their stuff ASAP.

I’ve been Hoovered because it’s the brilliance of the writing in my first encounter with this author that drew me in and held me captive. It’s the development of the characters. It’s the story and the storytelling. I just love the way this woman writes!

Holder and Sky aren’t characters that I can relate to as a 30 something African-American female. We don’t share the same background and experiences. However – comma- they are the type of characters that I want to read about. And Colleen Hoover tells their story beautifully.

I cannot express how much I enjoy the way she tells a story. Colleen Hoover writes books that are to be read the way I like to read books…curled up in a chair and not moving until it’s done. As a reader, I want her to have a long and successful career so she’ll keep writing books that I can read.

As an author, I want to support this fellow author in any way that I can simply because she turned me from a peer to a fan. You may be thinking that NYT Bestseller author doesn’t need my support. She has a dedicated fan base of millions already so what does she need from me?

I don’t know. But I like her writing and l like her style so if you’re like me and hardly venture into the YA/NA part of the bookstore, I’m not saying you have to read it all, but Colleen Hoover is one author you should be checkin’ for. Here’s her website and Facebook page. Take a look around.



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