Searching for the perfect space

One of the many distractions I have during my typical workday is perusing the Internet for beautiful pictures of reading nooks and the perfect home office. Some people spend their time looking at cute kitten videos, some like porn. I like book related spaces.

Photo Oct 26, 2 08 03 PM

I have this quirk that I can’t read where I work. That’s why, during all of my years working in corporate America, I rarely brought a book to work. Reading isn’t just a thing to do on my lunch hour or instead of a smoke break. For me, it requires total immersion. It’s a relaxation method, a stress reliever. Therefore, it cannot be tainted by the sights, sounds, and smells of work.

Although I work from home and adore my workspace, the same applies. I cannot read in my office, not for pleasure anyway. I want to turn our spare room into the perfect reading nook but there are so many great ideas that I cannot choose. Just look!

Photo Apr 05, 9 01 37 AM

VENICE, CA - APRIL 11, 2013 - House of architect John Frane in Venice, California, Thursday, April 11, 2013. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)

Photo Mar 27, 12 57 03 PM

Photo Oct 26, 2 04 53 PM

Photo Oct 26, 2 05 11 PM

The perfect place for me would be cozy yet spacious enough to fit all of my bookcases. It would have a comfortable sitting area where I could read in any position and see all of my books. Finally, it would smell like apples and cinnamon all of the time.

What’s your ideal reading nook or favorite reading spot? Do you have a pic to share with the group?

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