A Hustler’s Promise: The Takeover

It’s all about the Benjamins. Sent to Atlanta to expand King’s empire, Jaicyn and Rayshawn have another plan, to reign as King and Queen in the capital of the south. With a multi-million dollar goal and the best product on the market, their mission is a total takeover of the Atlanta drug trade. Nothing or no one will get in their way.

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Rayshawn nodded and folded his arms across his chest. King may have misled them a little but common sense should have told them that they weren’t going to get his product without giving up some control of their territory. Despite being outnumbered, Rayshawn had one thing working in his favor, money. Money talked and he had more money than everyone in the room. He was the only one who could get them on his level.

“Back home, I have a twenty-man crew working the largest housing project in the city. My crew brings in fifteen to twenty grand a day.” Rayshawn looked at all four men. “The lowest man in the crew makes a grand a week. The little dude is thirteen and all that lil nigga does is keep an eye on the parking lot where we keep our cars and bring us food and shit throughout the day. You say your people are eatin’ good but can you afford to pay them like that?”

“They don’t need to be paid like that,” Rock argued. “What’s a thirteen year old gon’ do with a G a week?”

“A smart one will give it to his mama,” Jaicyn spoke up. “A smart one will make sure his family is good. Ain’t none of us get into this shit because our parents were rich. We’re out here hustlin’ because we have mouths to feed. Same with the youngins. But, as long as they aren’t gettin’ high with our money, I don’t give a shit what they do with it. Let’s face it. We aren’t out here selling insurance policies. We got people out here risking their freedom and their lives for us so we,” she pointed between herself and her man, “make sure they are well compensated.”

“You can’t buy loyalty,” Rock stated.

“Says who?” Jaicyn scoffed. “Money can’t buy love. Everything else is pretty much for sale.”

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