Dear Readers…what’s next for Jackie Chanel

To all of my readers,

beyonce thank you

I appreciate every single person who has ever read a Jackie Chanel book. There are many times throughout this process that I’ve felt like I’m in a room full of people screaming but no one hears me. I’ve wanted to quit writing at least once a month this year. I’m not a part of any clique or major publishing house. I’m just out here writing my best work and doing it on my own. It’s my readers who fall in love with my characters the way I do and who appreciate the work that makes me keep going. I’ve always been the sarcastic, sometimes funny, weird introvert that is totally obsessed with music and random things and I don’t think that my personality bodes well on social media but I can’t and won’t change who I am. I think that’s why I was born to write. I’ve never been able to sell myself so my work has to speak for me and I think that A Hustler’s Promise, Love and War, Change of Heart, Untitled, Unsung, The Lies We Tell Ourselves, Fangirl Squeal, and Chasin’ Dreamz, are doing a good job showing you guys who I am.

2015 has been a hard year. Fortunately, it’s coming to a close. Moving into 2016, I have a new outlook on my life and career as an author. So, this where I’m at…

I like to write books that can serve as a stand alone and can be read in order like a series. With the Rockstar Romances, you have the same overall theme but different characters, different stories. You don’t have to read Fangirl Squeal in order to read Chasin’ Dreamz or the next one. I think that’s why I like this series (collection) because I can create so many different stories along this music and romance theme. After I finish UNBROKEN, I may just continue with the Rockstar Romances until I run out of ideas. I’m also thinking of branching off the A Hustler’s Promise series and creating books based on the artists and employees of POWER MUSIC.

Finally, January 19th is my cousin DJ’s birthday and if you’ve read my Acknowledgements in the back of my books, you’ll know that DJ was my first supporter and fan of my work. Change of Heart was the first book I’ve ever written so on his birthday, January 19, 2016, I’m going to have a FREE Change of Heart novella for all the fans of Asia and Jay. Sort of an update on the lives of these characters since there’s no sequel to Change of Heart.

So, that’s where I am as an author going into 2016.

As a publisher, Pink Neon Publishing​ is working hard to fill our 2016 publishing calendar. We have books coming from Victoria Taylor and Siobhan Isaac​ so be on the look out for those. It’s going to be an exciting year. So, I hope you continue to support. Thank you for EVERYTHING in 2015. Let’s keep it going in 2016!



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