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I’m an introvert. It’s hard being an introvert and an author in the Social Media age because readers expect a lot from authors. Not only are we required to put out good books, but we are required to entertain and capture reader interest outside of the pages of our books. Despite every inch of my soul begging me not to, I try my best to put myself out there and interact with the people who like my work. Same holds true for a ton of other authors.

I admit, I spent the last few months of 2016 avoiding social media and rarely posting about books or anything because I just didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t that I’d given up, or was too busy, or boycotting Facebook as I often threaten to do.

It’s the lack of conversation and participation that drives authors away from social media. It’s the disinterest in author events, lack of participation in giveaways, book chats, and contests that leads to authors talking more about what’s happening on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or what happened at work, or their home life.

It’s even worse when we log on and see readers complaining about authors who only post book links or chastising authors for not doing what they want them to do.


We LOVE doing book chats. We’d talk about our books all day long if we could. We’d tell you a character’s backstory in a heartbeat. We don’t mind giving away free copies of our books…most of us anyway. We want anyone and everyone to read our work. We love getting prizes and book swag to give away to our readers.

But, here’s what we’re not going to do. Or as my Grandma used to say…Here’s what we ain’t gon’ do…

We’re not going to spend hours designing the fun bookmarks and keychains and t-shirts and mugs and stickers and bags for a giveaway that no one participates in.

We’re not going to set up a Facebook chat or go on Facebook Live or Instagram Live and no one asks a single question.

I don’t know where the miscommunication happened. We didn’t set up our Social Media and beg you to follow us so that our feeds can remain silent…to ask a question, to start a conversation and all we hear back is…crickets.

Readers, if you are shy about talking to your favorite author, don’t be. Some of us are shy too. But we’re willing to put ourselves out there for you. We’re willing to be introverts in real life and extroverts when we have to. If you’re waiting for an invitation to converse and participate, here it is.


This is an open invitation to all readers on behalf of all authors. Talk to us. Ask questions about our books, our writing process, our favorite coffee (we all drink coffee), our characters.

Want to read our work but money is tight? Sign up for a beta reader slot or join the review team.

We’ll continue to write the books you love. All we ask for is a little participation and conversation.


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