#TeaserTuesday It’s Complicated – Broke in the City #1

In the first book of the series, a woman scorned is nothing to play around with. Still seething over her husband’s sudden request for a divorce, Keyonna vows to keep her marriage intact on paper until she feels like ending it no matter how her choice affects her husband and child. While Keyonna is seeking the ultimate revenge, Mika is involved in a secret romance with her high school sweetheart, a relationship that her friends thought was over when she had a baby with another man. Sydney’s on-again/off-again relationship with a handsome doctor is jeopardized when a love interest enters her life. Finally, there’s Tyson whose engagement should be a celebratory moment and could be if he wasn’t so worried about what his family will think about steps he’s taking with the love of his life.

In It’s Complicated, relationships aren’t just tested, they are solidified or blown to pieces.



I didn't even have to see my brother to know that he had an attitude. All that banging around he was doing in the kitchen made it so obvious. Sebastian- Bash - drinks a green smoothie every morning no exceptions. The only reason he’d be banging around pots and pans is to get my attention at seven in the morning. He's not going to get it.

Rolling over on my side completely nude I softly kissed the sweet lips of the beautiful and sexy woman lying next to me. Audra is gorgeous. She reminds me of Kimora Lee Simmons. Tall, curvy but slim, half-black, half Asian. When I saw her in the club last night, she was at the bar wearing barely nothing and talking to another sexy young woman. I wasn't interested in the other girl though. My eyes focused on the roundness of her breasts and the glowing silkiness of her bronze skin. I was immediately attracted to her. I just wanted to touch her, to feel the smoothness of her body. And so I did. All night.

“Hey beautiful,” I said when she opened her eyes. “I'm glad you stayed.”

“Why wouldn’t I stay?” she asked sleepily. “We were having a good time.”

That was definitely true. Last night was an experience, one that will definitely be stored in the memory bank.

“What's all that noise?” Audra asked. “Someone else here?”

“That's just my brother,” I said. “He's just trying to annoy me.”


“Because he’s a jerk,” I answered and wanted to leave it at that.

I don’t like talking to the people I’m close to about Bash. There isn’t any reason why I should tell my deepest darkest secrets to a woman whose last name I don’t even know. This animosity between me and my twin is something we need to figure out without outside interference.

“What y’all talkin’ about?” a deep voice on the other side of me asked.

I looked over my shoulder at Tommy, one of my favorite go-to numbers in my phone. Tommy is always down to party. When I sent him a picture of me and Audra leaving the club, he met me at my apartment. Tommy isn’t drop dead gorgeous like Audra. He’s cute in his own way. He’s skinny, pale, and covered with tattoos. However, he has a package that is extremely large and satisfying and the stamina of a racehorse. After my friends, Tommy is number six in my favorites list on my phone.