Sunny and Aiden REALLY got married! They REALLY had another baby.

Those should have been the headlines. Instead, when Ramey alluded to Aiden being the father of her 18-month old son, the headlines changed. Now, instead of enjoying their first year as newlyweds, the couple is facing an insurmountable challenge…Ramey and Aiden’s son, Hendrix. This may be the one storm they can’t make it through.

Eve of Reality


This little meeting shouldn’t have been awkward. The last time Ramey and I were alone, I was drunk in a hotel room believing that I’d left my fiancée for good. Ramey was the one who convinced me to go back home and work things out with the woman that I loved. Things shouldn’t ever be awkward between us…not anymore. We are way beyond awkward. Now we have a son and I’m just here to talk about him.
“I emailed you my tour schedule. Did you get it?”
“You emailed me a pic of your tour poster. Come on, Aiden. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?”
“What other schedule do you need?”
“If I’m going to be flying all over the country so my son can see you, I don’t care about the dates that you’re going to be on stage. I need to know your itinerary when you’re off stage. What days are you going to have off? Those are the days you’ll be able to see my son.”
“Now would be a time for you to stop referring him as your son. He’s mine now too so none of our conversations are going to start with ‘my son’. You have a list of my tour dates. You can’t decipher my days off by that?”
“Aiden, don’t act dumb. You know exactly what I’m asking for. But let me spell it out for you. What days are you not going to be on the highway in your tour bus? What days are you going to actually be free? And who made this schedule? Perry? This looks like Perry’s doing. Two days between shows? She must think you’re a robot.”
“That’s how I tour. If you ever came on the road with me, you’d have firsthand experience.”
Ramey snatched her bottle back and took a long swig. I used to think Ramey was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen and not much has changed. There’s a softness in her face now, the kind of gentleness that only motherhood brings about. I wish we could be friends. I wish she didn’t hate my wife. We could be great co-parents, but I already know I won’t be able to convince her to see things my way. Ramey’s not the forgiving type.
“Ramey, if we’re gonna do this, if you really want me in his life, we can’t be at each other’s throats every time we talk. And you definitely cannot keep hating my wife. Like it or not, she’s our son’s stepmother.”
“I don’t want to talk about Sunny. The only time I want to hear her name today is when you tell me what days she’s not going to be on the road with you.”
“You got a computer or an iPad or something? You know I hate reading things on my phone.”
“Just admit you’re getting old and need glasses,” Ramey snickered. But she got up and took an iPad off its stand on one of the marble countertops. She slid it across the table so I could pull up my email with the day to day itinerary from Perry.
My road manager, Perry, spends weeks, if not months, planning my schedule from the moment I should be waking up until I hit the sack every single day we’re on the road. On the last tour, she even scheduled “romantic time” with Sunny since she was on the road with us. Most of the time, I follow it because she has a conniption fit when I deviate from the schedule. When it isn’t so annoying, her anal retentiveness is incredibly helpful.
“How are you going to squeeze any time with Hendrix with an itinerary like this?”
“There’s always time for my kids, Ramey. And don’t act like you’re not a fan. I already know what show you want to see, so yes, since I’ll be in New York for five days, I’ll make sure you have tickets and a room at The Plaza. I can count on you to bring him to New York, right?”
Ramey shook her head back and forth slowly. I knew she was going to be difficult for no apparent reason.
“New York and Atlanta shows are always your biggest shows. All your friends and family go to the shows at the Garden and Lakewood. So no,” she replied flippantly. “We will not be going to New York where I know your wife is going to be too. Which shows will she not be attending? Those are the dates that we will try to make.”
“I don’t know, Ramey. Sunny and I haven’t talked about that yet, but she’s my wife. She’ll show up in any city she wants whenever she wants.”
“She still has you wrapped around her finger, doesn’t she?” She didn’t wait for me to answer. “Some things never change and some things change for the worse. Well,” Ramey shrugged. “You’re the one that married her.”
Co-parenting with this woman is going to be an impossible task. As soon as she implied in her stupid book that I was the father of her son, I knew she was going to do everything possible to make dealing with her a living hell. She’s the reason we never discussed having kids while we were married. Ramey is stubborn, selfish, and holds grudges like they might make her some money one day. Trying to come to any sort of compromise with her is just as ridiculous as the new math they’re trying to teach kids.

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