Meet McKenzie…

Fashion WomanLook out world, McKenzie is in the building!!!

This is the first time that JC has let me shine on the Internet. I’ve been trying to get her to hook me up with Instagram, but she says I’m easily distracted. She just doesn’t want me to see what she says about me.

My name is McKenize…no last name. JC calls me her Muse, but I just call myself FABULOUS! I have to admit, I do help Miss Jackie Chanel along when it comes to writing. I’ve been hanging out with her since she was in High School. We’re BFFs.

Let’s see…what else should I tell you about me?

I listen to a lot of music. I love it. Music helps me get through the day. I love shoes and shopping sprees. And I watch a ton of reality TV. JC tells me I’m loud and I get ideas at the most random times. I can’t help it. When I’m out and about, I meet people. They tell me things and I bring those awesome stories back to JC so she can write them down.

I can’t help it if she’s asleep most of the time. I show her things in her dreams and explain them when she wakes up. That system works great for me.

As much as I try, I don’t always have the patience when JC is taking her sweet little time writing a book. I guess that’s why she says I’m easily distracted. But even she can’t deny that the two of us are a force to be reckoned with. I’m going to help her become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR because I love her and I want to see her succeed.

Plus, she buys me shoes when I do a good job.

Anyway, I’m always around and since she gave me this page, feel free to talk to me. I love Jackie’s fans. You guys are AMAZEBALLS!!!