The Journey…

photoPeople often ask “what made you want to become a writer?”

They ask but don’t really want to hear about the entire journey.  They don’t really care that I read every single book I was allowed to read and then some.  That my passion for reading exploded when my 2nd grade teacher read Ramona the Pest to the class.

Reading is what began my journey of being a contemporary romance author.

First the little details…

Born 3 months early, I was a premature 3 pound baby that the doctors didn’t think was going to make it.  But I did and here I am, wrecking havoc on the world just like I did when I was a baby.  Some things never change.

I had a good life with my 2 sisters and mother.  I experienced many hardships…underpriviledged child living in the ghetto…blah blah blah.  It’s the past.  I learned and grew from it.  I don’t live that life anymore.  1043871_10200761644416259_426020188_n

In high school I was a varsity volleyball player, captain of the softball team (I won many Defensive Player of the Year awards because I was an AWESOME first basemen), treasurer of our National Honor Society chapter, honors student, first chair trombone player, and overall smartass.  My use of sarcasm as a superpower developed in high school.  I also penned my very first novel, Hoop Dreams, while I was in high school.  Don’t even ask.  No one has ever read this book.  No one ever will.


I wanted to be a pediatrician.  I didn’t realize that I didn’t actually want to be a doctor until I was in college.  When my admissions counselor told me I had to take ANOTHER calculus class, I changed my major to journalism.  Probably should have stuck with pre-med because I’m not a journalist either.

Then I finished school and lived in Atlanta for awhile, wondering from job to job because I really didn’t want to do anything I went to school for.  Instead, I discovered my passion for storytelling.   I dreamed to write African-American romance.  I thought it was my calling.  I still do.

Fifteen years after high school and literally just three years after believing that I could actually make writing books my career, here I am.

I write a little urban fiction/urban romance, African-American Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Interracial Romance.  I am a member of Romance Writers of America, and on the fast track to fulfilling every single one of my dreams I didn’t know I had.biopic

When I’m not penning novels, I can be found cutting up on Twitter or Facebook, watching ratchet reality television, or searching E-harmony for the type of man I write about.

Just Kidding…I don’t use E-harmony.  I believe I’m going to meet my soul mate at the grocery store.

In the wine section.