A QUEENS STORY pt 1: Lyric

His music woke her up. His love captivated her soul.

Lyric has always been a bit sheltered, even a little odd. Her parents decided spending the summers in Queens, NY with her dad would alleviate the monotony of living a sheltered life in Ohio.
Falling in love wasn't part of the plan.
Everyone told her Knight was different was a “different type of dude”. Before the world knew him as one of the best lyricists in hip-hop, she knew him as her brother’s best friend.
Knight is a hood celebrity, known for his lethal lyrics and hands. Not willing to ever forget the projects that raised him, Knight eagerly tries to break from his past and become the best rapper to come out of Queens. Not fall for his best friend's little sister.
A horrible tragedy keeps Knight and Lyric apart, but the city that raised them brings them together to discover that no matter what happens or their paths in life, they are the constant in each other's lives.

A QUEENS STORY pt 2: Knight

"Life is parallel to hell but I must maintain and be prosperous."

Abandoned by his parents, with the streets of Queens, New York raising him, Knight believes the only way he can make it through hell is with his music. His plan was to make music, get money, and give his daughter the life he always dreamed about.
Falling in love wasn't part of the plan.
Ambitious, intelligent, and courageous, Lyric entered Knight's life like a speeding locomotive. When he fell for her, Knight fell hard and fast. Now engaged to be married, Knight struggles to maintain the first real relationship he's ever had while trying to stay relevant in the everchanging world of hiphop.
Now that his biological parents are back and determined to undo all the progress he's made, Knight may have to accept that the consequences of his past could obliterate his dream of a normal life.