DREAM CHASERS: the series


Chase is just an average college student struggling her way through her last year at NYU and trying to keep up with her best friend and cousin, Shy. When Shy talks her into auditioning for a reality dating show, she never thought in a million years that she would be competing to date her musical idol, Ryan "Dreamz" Harris.
When Dreamz starts to show a noticeable interest in Chase, she starts to believe that there is actually a chance that she can win the contest and his heart until his actions with another contestant show Chase that what she thought was real isn't exactly what it seems when the cameras are rolling.


When Dreamz signed on for the “Chasin’ Dreamz” show, he never believed he’d meet a girl he liked. Then came Chase, eight years his junior, whose passion for music rivaled his own. Caught up in the whirlwind of reality TV, Dreamz and Chase’s romance blossomed, boating high ratings and plenty of drama.
Even though the show has ended, the real Chase and Dreamz show is just beginning, and this one isn’t made-for-TV. With two baby mamas and a womanizing reputation hanging over him, will Dreamz be able to overcome his own self-destructive ways, or will his behavior cause him to lose the woman that he loves for good?



After the Chasin’ Dreamz show ended, neither Chase or Dreamz had any clue where their relationship would go. But here we are, season 2, time for a wedding!

Tasked with planning the wedding of the year while being filmed eighteen hours a day, Chase hadn’t expected her dream wedding to be such a huge interference with her real life. Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, but for the bride to be, it’s everything but fun. Will Chase and Dreamz make it down the aisle? Tune in to Chasin’ Dreamz Season 2…coming Fall 2022