He had the desire to be great. She wanted to help him. From secrets and lust, to love and heartbreak, the Friends, Lovers, or Nothing collection takes an emotional journey with Sunny and Aiden as two friends determine whether they have what it takes to go all the way or...if they'll end up with nothing at all


From the moment he played his first guitar chord, Aiden sees life for what it really is all about...the possibilities.
After moving to Atlanta to jumpstart his music career, a series of unfortunate events lands him in the sights of Sunny Rain, his moody, but passionate neighbor. Unlike everyone who Aiden has trusted, Sunny understands his vision and is determined to help him be great. Their friendship quickly escalates to something neither of them were ready for. As Aiden's dream of becoming a touring blues musician begins to come true, can he withstand the pressure of a musician's life and still keep his best friend, or will the industry ruin everything that's good in his life?
With this engaging page-turner, Jackie Chanel delivers an outstanding tale of true friendship and self-discovery, the perfect beginning of the Friends, Lovers or Nothing collection.


Engaged to a professional basketball player, and living in New York, everything is good in Sunny's life. Her career in fashion is steady, her wedding is in less than a year, and her best friend is back in her life.
Until Aiden's Vegas wedding threatens to tear down everything they've just rebuilt. As Sunny tries to hide and move past her feelings and accept the new change in her life, bigger changes are coming, ones that she never expected.
Now, Sunny Rain has a secret. Like all good secrets, she does not want to share. Sunny knows that the only thing she can do is tell the truth. Will revealing her secret destroy the friendship that has kept her whole? Or will telling Aiden him the truth cause her to confront what she doesn't want to feel?


It's a new beginning for celebrity fashion stylist, Sunny Rain and she is ready to start a new life. With her daughter by her side, Sunny is ready to take on the LA fashion industry and prove to everyone that she is the best at what she does. Fiery passion fuels her determination to stay relevant in the world of fashion design while becoming the next great American fashion designer. There's only one thing in her way... her best friend, superstar guitarist Aiden Tyler.
As much as she wants to be recognized for her own talent, it is her relationship with Aiden that has given Sunny the life that she has, including her beautiful daughter. As she keeps rebuilding the wall around her heart that only Aiden manages to tear down, time after time, she wanders if she'll ever be able to let go of her unspoken love for him...or if she even wants to.


Blues-Rock superstar Aiden Tyler has always had a complicated relationship with celebrity stylist Sunny Rain. She was his best friend, his stylist, and his personal assistant...until she became the woman he loved and the mother of his child.
When his fiancée called off their Caribbean wedding and went back to LA to sort things out, Aiden and Sunny were left alone on the island paradise to confront the one thing that could make or break their relationship...their love for one another.
When Sunny finally admits that she has been in love with him since the beginning, Aiden knows that she is the only woman that he needs and wants. The only problem is that he's leaving for three months for a long overdue summer tour. His solution: bring Sunny on the road with him. They've done it before, but never as a couple.
Long days, longer nights, groupies, paparazzi, and personality conflicts test their new relationship. Will Sunny and Aiden make through their first ninety days or will Aiden's rockstar lifestyle tear them apart again? This time forever?


They started as friends. A record deal and the close confines of their Atlanta apartment helped them become lovers. When the lust wore off and their feet touched the ground, Sunny and Aiden decided that it could only be one way for them...friends, lovers, or nothing at all.
Now, four and a half years after the birth of their daughter, Sunny and Aiden are finally together...with a couple unexpected twists.
As excited as they are about the new path they are one, the issues of their pasts still haunt them daily.
Sunny doesn't completely trust her man and for good reason. Aiden may be ready to walk down the aisle but he definitely isn't ready to walk away from the bright spotlight. An ex-wife, a tell-all book, and a vivacious new artist equal a juicy Hollywood scandal in the making.
Will Aiden and Sunny make it down the aisle? Or will the pressure of a Hollywood marriage destroy their love for good?


Sunny and Aiden REALLY got married! They REALLY had another baby.
Those should have been the headlines. Instead, when Ramey alluded to Aiden being the father of her 18-month old son, the headlines changed. Now, instead of enjoying their first year as newlyweds, the couple is facing an insurmountable challenge…Ramey and Aiden’s son, Hendrix. This may be the one storm they can’t make it through.