Official Reader Group

What are the Pink Butterflies?

Pink Butterflies is the name of the official Jackie Chanel Fan Club/Reader Group.

What does the group do?

It’s simply a fun and safe environment to hang out on Facebook, discuss my books, get book recommendations, chat with Jackie about pretty much anything. The Pink Butterflies also get updates and news about new releases, giveaways, and previews first.

Who can be a Butterfly?

ANYONE who likes books, especially Jackie Chanel books. All you have to do is be on Facebook and click here to request to join.

What are the Rules?

No author promotion. If an author wants to promote in the Pink Butterflies Group, they should reach out to Jackie or an admin. If you are an PA or promote other authors, ask Jackie or an Admin for permission to post promotion. We appreciate book recommendations when asked though so book links within a discussion are fine.

We do not judge or participate in author bullying or bad behavior in PB. It’s an Internet safe-zone, a judgement-free zone. Feel free to be yourself.

How do I Join?

Click this link!