A Hustler’s Promise 2



Genre/Keywords: African-American romance/crime drama
Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Pink Neon Publishing

Book Summary

Rayshawn and Jaicyn are back with a bang! Literally.
Having risen to the top of King Carter’s drug empire and built the most notorious drug crew Ohio has ever seen, the Prince and Princess of Washington Heights are offered a new opportunity. Using what they’ve learned in Ohio, the young couple moves to Atlanta to create their own empire and spread their wings.

The pair learn the hard way that money and power will always breed jealousy and envy. As they battle threats on their lives and product, they know the dangerous drug game they’re playing is bound to catch up with them. The price they have to pay for the decisions they made as teens is steep. When the people they trusted and fed turn their backs, Rayshawn and Jaicyn are left alone to fight their neverending battles. As always, the pair is prepared to face whatever the streets bring them…as long as they have each other.

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