Dream Chasers (music is love #3)



Genre: African-American romance
Length: 322 pages
Publisher: Pink Neon Publishing

Book Summary:

Dreamz is at the height of his career. In the studio, he pumps out one #1 hit after another. With his group, Times Three, everything they sing turns to platinum. He didn’t need to find love on a reality show, but he tried it anyway.
When Dreamz signed on for the “Chasin’ Dreamz” show, he never believed he’d meet a girl he liked. Then came Chase, eight years his junior, whose passion for music rivaled his own. Caught up in the whirlwind of reality TV, Dreamz and Chase’s romance blossomed, boating high ratings and plenty of drama.
Even though the show has ended, the real Chase and Dreamz show is just beginning, and this one isn’t made-for-TV. The love they are experiencing is new and intense. Being in love is unfamiliar territory so it’s no surprise when Dreamz finds it harder than he thought to give up his old life. With two baby mamas and a womanizing reputation hanging over him, will Dreamz be able to overcome his own self-destructive ways, or will his behavior cause him to lose the woman that he loves for good?


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