LOVE NOTES: Friends, Lovers, or Nothing Book 4



Back on the road again, Aiden and Sunny are determined this time will be different.


Blues-Rock superstar Aiden Tyler has always had a complicated relationship with celebrity stylist Sunny Rain. She was his best friend, his stylist, and his personal assistant…until she became the woman he loved and the mother of his child.
When his fiancée called off their Caribbean wedding and went back to LA to sort things out, Aiden and Sunny were left alone on the island paradise to confront the one thing that could make or break their relationship…their love for one another.
When Sunny finally admits that she has been in love with him since the beginning, Aiden knows that she is the only woman that he needs and wants. The only problem is that he’s leaving for three months for a long overdue summer tour. His solution: bring Sunny on the road with him. They’ve done it before, but never as a couple.
Long days, longer nights, groupies, paparazzi, and personality conflicts test their new relationship. Will Sunny and Aiden make through their first ninety days or will Aiden’s rockstar lifestyle tear them apart again? This time forever?

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Paperback, Hardcover