The Lies We Tell Ourselves



Genre/Keywords: women’s fiction, contemporary fiction
Length: 374 pages
Publisher: Pink Neon Publishing

Book Summary:

“I’m okay.”
“He was drinking. It won’t happen again.”
“I tripped and fell. I’m so clumsy.”

Eve McMillan is no stranger to lies.
After being freed of her sexually abusive father and escaping death at the hands her physically abusive boyfriend, Eve finds herself alone and afraid. Her girlfriends don’t understand why she’s content with being their “single friend” but there isn’t a man alive that can take away Eve’s fear of choosing the wrong one.
When hair stylist, Chyna, joins the group of close friends, Eve learns that Chyna is no stranger to lies either. Convinced that she and Cameron are just having “a hard time” after the loss of their child, Chyna says and does everything to keep her friends’ suspicions at bay and cover up her pain.
Eve is relentless in her efforts to help Chyna realize that what she thinks is love is truly not. Eve knows she has to intervene before Cameron ends up killing her best friend.


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