UNBROKEN: Friends, Lovers, or Nothing Book 5



A blues guitar player. A celebrity stylist. When their paths crossed, nothing was the same.


They started as friends. A record deal and the close confines of their Atlanta apartment helped them become lovers. When the lust wore off and their feet touched the ground, Sunny and Aiden decided that it could only be one way for them…friends, lovers, or nothing at all.
Now, four and a half years after the birth of their daughter, Sunny and Aiden are finally together…with a couple unexpected twists.
As excited as they are about the new path they are one, the issues of their pasts still haunt them daily.
Sunny doesn’t completely trust her man and for good reason. Aiden may be ready to walk down the aisle but he definitely isn’t ready to walk away from the bright spotlight. An ex-wife, a tell-all book, and a vivacious new artist equal a juicy Hollywood scandal in the making.
Will Aiden and Sunny make it down the aisle? Or will the pressure of a Hollywood marriage destroy their love for good?