XOXO, Cash (music is love #1)



Genre/Keywords: interracial romance
Length: 276 pages
Publisher: Pink Neon Publishing

Book Summary

Cash Myers is a “sensitive singer/songwriter” that has captured the hearts of fangirls around the world with his music. Savannah is a gossip blogger and self-proclaimed SUPERFAN. After one encounter, 8 years ago before Cash became internationally known, Savannah has been his #1 fan. When their paths cross again, their attraction to each other is undeniable and a FANGIRL’S dream weekend in New York City brings Savannah and Cash even closer.

No one believes that their feelings for each other are real, especially Cash’s management. At 27 years old, Savannah’s parents expect her to “step away from the computer and GET A REAL JOB” while her twin sister is over the moon that Savannah will forever be the one who disappointed her civil rights activist parents by bringing a white boy home to meet the family. With gossip sites tracking their every move and Cash’s big little secret, it seems like the relationship is doomed from the start. How can they even consider being together when social stigmas and self-created drama keep forcing them apart?

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