Editing and Editors

I previously wrote a piece on why editing is so important, especially for Indie Authors. I believe the general consensus among the writing community is that authors really need to stop publishing unedited or barely edited books.

However, I think there is a bigger problem. Before there was Jackie Chanel, the contemporary romance author, I was (insert real name here) behind the scenes doing editing work. It’s been a positive and negative experience.

I believe the problem lies with authors not understanding an editor’s job or exactly what editing is. Most people that I’ve come in contact with believe that an editor’s job is to correct spelling and grammar. True, but that is not all an editor does. In fact, if that’s all you’re getting for $.02 per word, hit me up because you’re wasting good money.

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2014 Preview and 2013 Recap

COMINGSOONThe new year is rolling through and I am utterly grateful that 2013 is coming to a close. I am excited as ever about the possibilities that a new year brings. Exciting stuff in the works for this girl here! I’ve set some writing goals and I’m going to push myself to complete and publish at least four new titles this year. Normally, I wouldn’t commit to doing such a thing, but I really want to complete the Love and War series in order to start working on the next Bonatelli Family novel. Also, the A Hustler’s Promise series is coming to a close with the release of the third and final book, A Hustler’s Promise 3: Broken Promises.

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Excerpt: Love Notes (Friends, Lovers, or Nothing:novella)

If you read UNSUNG, you know how it ended. If you haven’t read UNSUNG, you’re going to want to read that before continuing here. Love Notes picks up exactly where UNSUNG ended. It’s a short story designed to give a little insight into what’s going to happen in the 3rd novel.

lovenotes_new_test copy

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