I’ve been talking about this book longer than I’ve been actually writing the book. This one is very near and dear to my heart and I can’t begin to express how excited I am to present THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES to the world!

Eve McMillan is no stranger to lies.
After being freed of her sexually abusive father and escaping death at the hands her physically abusive boyfriend, Eve finds herself alone and afraid. Her girlfriends don’t understand why she’s content with being their “single friend” but there isn’t a man alive that can take away Eve’s fear of choosing the wrong one.
When hair stylist, Chyna, joins the group of close friends, Eve learns that Chyna is no stranger to lies either. Convinced that she and Cameron are just having “a hard time” after the loss of their child, Chyna says and does everything to keep her friends’ suspicions at bay and cover up her pain.
Eve is relentless in her efforts to help Chyna realize that what she thinks is love is truly not. Eve knows she has to intervene before Cameron ends up killing her best friend.


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What the Heart Takes -Cover Reveal and Contest –

Writing a book is hard enough. Writing a perfect series like the Soulmates series is damn near impossible. Only a small few can do it as well as Kelli McCracken.Author Kelli McCracken

I am so excited to help my fellow “Sistah with a Pen” with the release of her 3rd book!

If you haven’t read What the Heart Wants (book 1 of the Soulmate Series) and What the Heart Needs (book 2), go to Amazon now and get your OneClick finger ready. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

For those who have read it, Kelli has been gracious enough to give us an excerpt, which I prefer to call a teaser because that’s all it is….and we’re the first to see the new cover. Let me tell you… I jumped up from my desk when I saw it. I’m a little excited. 🙂

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Announcement: New Series, New Characters


Writing a new series is scary. New characters taking up space in your head with all your old characters who still have stories to tell.

A couple of months ago, I signed a 3 book deal with SBR Publications knowing that, despite pleas for A Hustler’s Promise 3, I had a new cast of characters that I wanted to introduce to the world.

The Bonatelli Family.

If you know anything about Jackie Chanel, you know that I am a die hard Jackie Collins fan. I count her Lucky Santangelo novels as some of my favorite novels ever written.

I grew up in a predominantly African American neighborhood in a city that was run by the Italian Mafia. (Link). I knew that the mob wasn’t a myth and I was very intrigued by the rules, regulations, and lifestyles of the Italians but I learned quickly that the Italian Mafia was very…exclusive.

I started wondering what would happen if an African American woman infiltrated an Italian crime family. That is how the Bonatelli Family, namely Caprice, came to be.

I like this girl and her family. I can’t wait to introduce them to the world tomorrow.

LOVE & WAR, the first book in the Bonatelli Family series, is just the baby. I can’t wait to watch this series grow!

Love and War

From the back cover…

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Caprice was on the fast track to becoming a young CEO. Raised by her former supermodel mother, Caprice was poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Until a letter from her father changed the course of her life.
Four years later, Caprice abandoned the life she had once cherished to focus solely on obtaining what her father, Mafia Don Domani Bonatelli, had in abundance…Power.
Fully engrossed in a life of crime, Caprice has a job to do. Protect the Bonatelli name and family business at all costs.
But what exactly will it cost her?